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  • How much are classes?
    Annual membership: $135.00 per month Black belt program (access to both kung fu and tai chi classes): $175.00 per month Masters program (access to all classes. Includes a 30 minute private lesson weekly $210 per month.
  • Are there any family deals?
    Yes! $135 for the first person an additional $100 for a second person, an additional $75 for a third person, and FREE for a fourth person. To be part of this deal, it must be paid through one account that's on our annual plan.
  • Does American School of Martial Arts have other locations?
    Yes, there are a total of 6 school. ASMA-West Palmdale currently has the following sister schools: ASMA-Burbank, Burbank CA Mindful Kung Fu, Santa Clarita, CA ASMA-Santa Clarita, Santa Clarita CA ASMA-Belfair, Belfair WA Wake Forest Kung Fu, Wake Forest NC
  • What are you doing to combat COVID?
    We are staying up to date with the LA country Health Code, and CDC recommendations as they change. Please contact us for more information. We also ask that students and visitors stay home if they are feeling under the weather.
  • What do I wear to class?
    You should wear a black gi (uniform), black shirt, (both can be ordered through the school with fee), along with comfortable workout shoes that are only to be worn in the school to prevent bringing in dirt. We recommend adding a beige dancers suede to the bottom of shoes for easier spins, most students have this done at "Verdugo Shoe Repair" in Burbank.
  • How do I get a uniform?
    Once signed up, you can buy it through us, or a Martial Arts store.
  • What kind of Martial Arts do you teach?
    We teach Suh Do Kwan (The Way of Grandmaster Suh) which contains aspects of Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chuan Fa, Chi Kung.
  • What is the youngest age you teach?
    4 years old, but must be fully potty trained.
  • My Kung Fu class is held twice a week. Do I need to attend both Classes or can I just take one class a week?
    Your membership includes both classes. You should make plans to attend both classes as there is different material covered on each day. If you cannot make it to one of the classes let your instructor know. There are always options such as Saturday classes or private lessons to help you catch up. We can always find a way to work with your schedule.
  • Does the school do competitions?
    No. The school at one point did competitions, we even produced world champions, but this led to students focusing on competition fighting and neglecting the rest of the system so that has been discontinued. ASMA's slogan is "Train Only To Master Yourself".
  • Are there any special events?
    Yes, we occasionally do special events such as demos, seminars, and even craft fairs. As we approach an event it will be advertised in the Event section of the website.
  • How do you elevate in rank?
    We have belt testing four times a year, March, June, September, and December.
  • What belt colors are used in this school?
    White Yellow Orange Blue Green Brown Brown Stripe Red Junior Half Black (for Juniors only, Half Red and Black) Junior Black (for Juniors only, a black belt without certificate) Black (With Certificate. Black stripes added for every rank elevation after)
  • How long does it take to get a black belt?
    If you are dedicated to the training and don't miss too many classes, an adult should reach black belt in 3 to 4 years Can I keep my belt rank that I got from another martial arts school? No. All students begin as a white belt regardless of prior martial arts experience. Every martial art system is different and has different requirements for rank elevation. One exception is if you are transferring from another school that also teaches Suh Do Kwan. Speak with an instructor for more details.
  • Why do some wear white coats and others wear black coats?
    It's based on rank. Every student wears a black gi (uniform), when one achieves Master, they earn a White coat, and once they achieve Grandmaster they earn a White coat with a Black collar.
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